Angel Card Reading:

Do you have questions about your life’s purpose, a situation, career, or relationships?  Intuitive angel card (aka oracle) readings can provide encouraging guidance in a safe and protective atmosphere. Readings allow for introspection, as well as offer positive affirmations and support for moving forward.  Experiencing a reading is a fun and joyful experience!

Angel cards are not like traditional “tarot cards” and are not affiliated with any religion. The cards and intuitive readings come only from a loving, supportive place. Angel cards are a time-honored way to connect with the higher self to identify issues, clarify goals, and/or seek inner peace. Based upon Pythagorean numerology, the idea is that all numbers and images vibrate in a mathematically precise manner. Under the “Law of Attraction”, the premise is that everything that exists (i.e., physical, visual, emotional, etc.) is made of pure, vibrating energy. Angel cards are successful because you draw to yourself what you need to know - since your vibration attracts just that. 


30 Minute Session: $40

If you are interested in receiving a new perspective on your life’s journey and building a stronger connection with your own intuition and/or divine “spirit team”, angel cards are a lovely way to gain gentle insight. Readings are just one of many interconnected wellness options available to us. What do you wish to create for yourself? 


Note: Readings are not a substitute for or meant to provide medical or psychological treatment. Any issue concerning medical, mental health, legal matters or finances should always be addressed with a licensed professional.

Group Sessions are also Available

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