Crystal Healing

Crystal healing allows your energy to move freely within and around your body.  Energy that cannot move freely can lead to physical and emotional issues.  Crystals absorb, focus and direct our energy fields to enable a diseased, out of balanced body to find its natural energetic rhythm again.  Are you feeling physically or emotionally drained, or perhaps giddy and unsettled, suffering from digestive issues, insomnia or stress?  These can be symptoms that your energy may be stuck, sluggish, or being pulled from you by another.  During crystal healing, crystal are placed on and around the body to balance and repair our energy body.  With the use of crystal energy, I will balance/cleanse the chakras (the seven main energy centers), remove energy cords that may be draining your energy, and repair leaks in your aura, allowing  energy to flow unimpeded.

Crystal Healing Session

60 Minute $70