To help keep our facilities clean, float tank users MUST bring a bathing suit. Amenities provided include: towels, floating neck pillow, ear plugs, body soap, and shower. We ask that our clients please shower and use the restroom before and after each float. The facility is cleaned between each session and upholds all standards of the Floatation Tank Association (FTA).


Float Tank

First Float $30

60 minute float $45
90 minute float $55

Float tanks, also known as sensory deprivation tanks or isolation tanks, allow the user to be suspended in an Epsom salt bath, heated to skin temperature. The calm, dark, silence--combined with the benefits of magnesium sulfate--can help relieve stress, anxiety, muscle aches, and tension. Early studies also show a positive effect on depression, quality of sleep, and mindfulness among users.


Consult your doctor before using the float tank if you have diabetes, epilepsy, seizures, blackouts, kidney disease, incontinence, a heart condition, or a condition which may be adversely affected by cutaneous absorption of magnesium. We ask that you not use our float tank facilities if you have had any hair color/treatment in the last two weeks, are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, are experiencing a heavy menstrual period, or have a communicable or infectious skin condition, disease, or open sores.


Due to the ongoing pandemic, some of our services will be temporarily unavailable, including our float tank. This is to ensure optimal sanitation and safety of BodyWise, and to abide by the Safer At Home Regulations. We apologize for any inconvenience.