Heidi Zalewski

Certified Yoga Instructor


    Heidi has been practicing yoga since 2006. She has always been physically active and at the same time always sought a sense of connection and wholeness through spiritual and meditative practices. She found the perfect combination of these aspects of health and wellness in Yoga.  Heidi has her Master’s Degree in Social Work and originally worked with adolescents with substance abuse issues. As her children have grown and become more independent, Heidi has had time to focus more thoroughly on her yoga practice. It was like coming home, as she feels the trajectory of yoga for her has been a lifelong process of reconnecting to her true self and purpose.  It seemed a natural progression to complete her 200 hour yoga teacher training enabling her to share the healing and growth she has found through yoga with others.

Heidi’s teaching style emphasizes healthy alignment as it applies to each individual. She focusses on connecting to and working with the breath and body enabling one to be fully present in one’s yoga (and life) in a mindful way. She places great importance on enabling students to take ownership of their yoga practice in a way that is right for each student beginning with a sense of acceptance and love.

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Heidi's Classes, Services, and Pricing:

Single Yoga Class (Zoom)


Single Yoga Class (In Studio)


5 Pack of Yoga Classes (Expires 6 months from purchase)


10 Pack of Yoga Classes (Expires 1 year from purchase)


Unlimited Monthly (Additional $5 per aerial class)




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Basic Yoga

Explore the fundamentals of yoga postures, breathing, meditation, and mindfulness in this class whether you are a beginner or just want to focus on the basic principles of yoga and alignment in the poses. We will connect mind and body through the breath allowing greater self awareness and the ability to practice basic postures and movement in a way that supports your individual body and wellness. classes will focus on increasing strength, flexibility, balance and overall well being.

Yoga Flow

Discover your inner strength and flow through a combination of sun salutations and classic yoga postures linking the breath and movement.  We will begin with focus on alignment and thoughtful transitions. Then the mind quiets and clears as you move through the flow of poses in a conscious and purposeful manner. We will cultivate strength, flexibility, and balance throughout the body leaving you energized yet centered and peaceful.