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Hypnotherapy is a process of progressive relaxation, which allows the hypnotherapist to assist the client in reaching their subconscious mind. Hypnotherapy works directly with the subconscious to guide clients in making changes they desire in life. By completing a thorough intake to identify any obstacles, an in-depth discussion with the client regarding their goals, and the use of hypnotherapy, clients are able to work towards overcoming obstacles or challenges in their life. Hypnotherapy can be used in many areas including fears and phobias, behavior or habit changes, or to improve performance in sports, public speaking, or similar areas.  Hypnotherapy may also be used in conjunction with other services or techniques quite effectively. 

Initial Intake $100 – 90 minutes – this includes reviewing the intake forms, discussion of the issues and changes desired, an initial hypnotherapy session, and a review following the session. 

Follow up sessions $50 – 60 minutes – After the initial intake session, the follow up sessions include a discussion of progress or challenges, any updates, a hypnotherapy session, and a review following the session. 

Package deal - $220 -  Includes one 90 minute Initial Intake session and three follow up sessions of 60 minutes each. This is a savings of $30. 

(the package may be purchased no later than the end of the initial intake session.) ****

Past Life Regression is a method of hypnotherapy that allows a client to explore past life experiences. The theory is that we have lived other lives in the past which may still affect our present lives in many ways. This may allow additional insight and understanding of behavior patterns that clients wish to change. This process takes longer than the usual session as there is communication between the hypnotherapist and the client during the actual hypnotherapy session. Therefore, depending on a clients’ needs, the session may last between 1 ½ to 2 hours.


Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy - $150 – Initial Intake session – up to 2 hours (or 1 ½ to 2 hours***) This session includes a review of the intake forms, a discussion regarding past life regression and the clients’ goals, and a past life regression session. There is also a review after completion of the session. 

Additional sessions of past life regressions - $100 – 1 ½ to 2 hours 

Life Coaching is the process of assisting client’s in moving forward from where they are at present. The focus is on the positives, identifying and building strengths, rather than focusing on the negative or staying in the past. Life coaching uses many tools to assist clients in moving forward towards their goals and dreams. It is my belief that we ALL have the answers we seek within us, we need only guidance to see the answers, and make the positive changes we desire. 

Life Coaching - $50 per session, 60 minutes, including the initial intake session. Sessions will include a review at the initial intake, discussion, techniques to assist the client in reaching their goals, and may include “homework” for the client to take home. 

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