Jessica Gillengerten


          Jessica Gillengerten is our resident Acupuncturist.  She began her training at Loyola University in Chicago and chose to pursue further study of the body at East West College of Natural Medicine in Sarasota, Florida.  It was there that she received a Master's Degree in Oriental Medicine.  Jessica has traveled extensively around the world, including: Canada, Europe, South America, and the Caribbean.  She brings a rich background of nutritional studies, organic farming, beekeeping, and herbal knowledge to our practice.  She continually incorporates new research with ancient techniques to create her healing style. 

        Jessica is a certified neuroacupuncturist. She graduated as part of the inaugural class offered by the Neuro Acupuncture Institute, making her one of the first 65 people in the US to hold this title. She studied directly under Drs. Jason & Linda Hao, the top neuroacupuncturists in the US. These incredible courses offered her the opportunity to pursue additional neuro-anatomical training at York University, Toronto with Dr. Poney Chiang (founder of their integrative medicine program). It was through repeated trips to Canada and New York that she was trained in treatment of peripheral nerve entrapment with electro-acupuncture & was granted the Integrative Acupuncture, Advanced Practice Certification. In order to provide compassionate individualized care to each patient, she uses comprehensive assessment and extensive patient education.  For those who are a bit hesitant about needles, she also offers acupressure. 

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Jessica's Services and Pricing:

Oriental Medicine:

            There is a broad list of services that Oriental Medicine covers. Each piece is part of a system of ancient healing, with thousands of years of history behind it. Acupunture, herbs, proper nutrition, acupressure, and various martial arts are large portions of the Oriental view. Different techniques have individual benefits, and when used together, they help your body regain it's natural healthy balance. Your treatment plan will be tailored to your body's needs, and may include a variety of natural healing techniques.


          Traditional Chinese medicine explains acupuncture as a technique for balancing the flow of energy in a life force that is believed to flow through pathways in the body called meridians. By inserting needles into specific points along these meridians, it is believed that your energy flow will re-balance. 

*We accept FSA and HSA!*

First Visit -(Intake & Treatment)  $100 


Your first visit will include a complete medical history, including evaluation of lifestyle patterns, pain levels, digestive health, surgeries or accidents, and feminine history. Please bring a list of any current medications. 

This is the information gathering portion, where we assess what problems the patient is experiencing. The first visit will be the most informative to the practitioner, and will guide the course of treatment. Please plan for 90 minutes. In addition, please arrive 15-20 minutes early to the appointment or print off, fill out, and bring in the acupuncture intake forms.


Auricular Acupuncture & Ear Seeds
 - $30

Sterile, single use needles are inserted only into points on the ear. These points are often used for repetitive treatments for detoxification programs, such as smoking cessation, or dietary changes. These treatments are easier for children or large numbers of patients simultaneously.


Small seeds that are imbedded onto an adhesive tape are applied to specific ear points so the patient can go home and press on the points to continue to stimulate their actions.

Smoking Cessation - $45

Multiple acupuncture treatments are to be expected. May require herbs, or additional combined therapies.

$45 - 30 Mins
$80 - 60 Mins
$115 - 90 Mins

Therapeutic Chinese massage. This style of therapy is often very beneficial for chronic pain due to injuries or deeper imbalances within the body, such as digestive complaints or insomnia. Patients find benefits from tui-na combined with many of the other treatments, or on its own.

Scar Reduction - $35

This is a natural option to help reduce scars from surgery or keloids. The method includes several combined therapies and oils. For good candidates, it shows results within 4 treatments. This treatment is needleless. 

Cupping Session  with Jessica
$23 - 15 Mins
$38 - 30 Mins
$68 - 60 Mins

This is a wonderful technique applied to points on the back, with glass cups suctioned to the body creating "inverted pressure". Cups are either stationary, or are moved to various places along the back. This unique feeling can relieve deep pain within the shoulder area, or lower back for example. It is also often helpful with upper respiratory issues.

Blood Type Test - $25

A simple prick of the finger, and a few minutes of patience, and we can determine your blood type. This is a useful diagnostic tool, and can help uncover some of your body's natural tendencies so we can tailor a more thorough nutritional plan for you.  

Electrical Stimulation - $25

The use of low electrical impulses can serve two purposes. One is to stimulate muscles to function properly again after a period of immobilization (such as after an injury). Another use is to continuously stimulate muscles until they fatigue, and release an area that has been tense.

Follow-Up Acupuncture - $70

Sterile, single use needles are inserted to various points on the body. The points are chosen in order to assist the body's ability to heal itself, relieve pain, eliminate blockages of vitality within the body, or restore the body to a healthier state. All new acupuncture patients must first make the "First Visit" appointment.

Acupressure - 60 Min - $80

A wonderful way to relax the muscles and allow the body to reset. Acupressure is generally very slow, steady pressure applied rhythmically with the thumbs, to points along meridians of the body. It is a versatile treatment that can positively affect the body, whether done on the face or feet! 

Facial Acupressure -  30 Min - $35
(Any Additional time - $1/Min)

Gentle pressure applied to various sensitive points on the face and scalp. This is very enjoyable and helps tremendously with headaches, sinus problems, facial pain or tension, and insomnia.

Gua Sha - Add On to Any Service

The purpose of choosing this technique is to gain deeper access to the root of the blockage that causes pain in a fixed spot. It is a strong treatment, using a rounded jade tool to generate circulation to this area of stagnation within the body.

Aromatherapy - Add On - $5

Chosen from a wide variety of high quality essential oils, blended with a particular carrier oil for the patient to enjoy. Can be prepared for use during the treatment, or at home for further benefit. Patients always approve the oils from options chosen for their therapeutic benefits, and we create their own blend.

Nutritional Assessment - $95

Chinese nutritional therapy is a different way of looking at food, choosing food for its qualities of tonification of the body's life force. Deep nutrition is such a complex web, and is quite specific to each patient. Blood type plays a huge role in your body's functions, as well as the seasons, the natural (or processed) state of your food, raw foods and beneficial enzymes, warming or invigorating restorative food compared to cooling soothing moisturizing food...this is a therapeutic look at your food as your energy for life. You will get a customized information packet loaded with great guidelines to help you improve your well being. 

2 Appointments:

1st- In Depth Assessment, 2nd- Follow Up

Hair Analysis - $125

This is an option for finding out exactly what your body is made of! A small sample of hair is sent to a laboratory to have it examined for mineral deficiencies (or excesses), and additional information such as heavy metal levels. Recommendations from the laboratory are included.


Herbal Lineaments, Plasters, & Oils

This is a variety of products that will encourage healing of the patient while at home. Some require no effort, such as the peel and stick pain patches coated with herbs. The oils or plasters will require proper application & or removal (applying before bed, or with heat for example).

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Desert Harvest Products

This is a variety of products that will encourage healing of the patient while at home.  Providing quality Aloe Vera and Natural Products including: Aloe Vera Capsules, Skin Care Products, Personal Lubricant, Aloe Vera Gele, First-Aid Gel, Rosacea Gel, Hand & Body Lotion, Hair Care Products and More!

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