John Stolfe

Certified Health Coach

Workplace/Organizational Well-Being Consultant

Rhythm Facilitator

John Stolfe began his career in health and wellness over two decades ago, first in the nutritional products industry, eventually working in employee wellness/wellbeing for a Fortune 500 organization. Additionally, John has worked in the field of music education and interactive music for nearly 20 years. He received a Bachelor of Science - Business Management/Human Resource Management in 1992 from Roosevelt University in Chicago. In 2016, he earned the Certification as Integrative Nutrition Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City, and completed training as a HealthRHYTHMS Facilitator.

As the founder of UpBeat Wellness, John works with individuals, corporations and organizations assisting them as they navigate through the complexities of their wellness journey. Whether an individual, group or corporation, he affectively serves as the missing link in the healthcare system, serving as a mentor empowering clients, supporting their behavior changes and providing guidance in accomplishing their wellness goals. Taking an individualized whole person approach to well-being, individuals and groups are led to creating the path that is right for them. One that is practical, achievable and attainable.

One of John’s core philosophies is when people have fun, and enjoy the experience, they are more inclined to be successful in accomplishing their goals. Whether considering various dietary theories, mind-body experiences or life-skills, John aims to educate, provide hope and inspire. Programs are uniquely designed to be engaging, thought-provoking, and “upbeat” with a dose of fun! He frequently uses music and drumming in individual and group wellness settings, for a fun and engaging experience, using scientifically researched, and evidence-based programs. John believes that we are at a point in healthcare, where it is necessary to acknowledge that there is no single way to approach health, wellness and well-being. Every individual person, organization and corporation is vastly different from the next. The journey to wellness/wellbeing for each is vastly different and unique as well. What works for one, may not be the best approach for another; what works today, may not be the solution next month or next year. As individuals and organizations, we all are living, evolving beings; we must understand that our health, wellness and well-being is also continuously evolving. John is thrilled to join and collaborate with the team at BodyWise Wellness and Spa! He eagerly looks forward to bringing innovative wellness and wellbeing strategies to the residents, organizations and corporations that call the city of Kenosha, Kenosha County and the surrounding communities their home.

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