Kelly Ferro

Psychic Medium

My life's mission is to show you that life exists on the other side. I want you to know that your loved ones are always with you. Although you may not physically see them, they never leave your side. They want to offer us unconditional love and guidance. They want us to notice the clever signs they present to us through out the day. Through songs, butterflies, nature, pennies, and more. It is a way for them to communicate with us. A way to reach out to us to bring us comfort. You may have had that connection already. If so, trust it! If I could provide some kind of evidence showing you that your loved ones are in the presence of God and living in a realm of pure love, then I have done my job. I want you to know your loved ones reside eternally in a beautiful paradise called heaven.

I am not here to prove myself to anyone, although it's sometimes fun to see the look on a skeptics face. All joking aside, I am here to show you what I know to be true. By the way spirit has a sense of humor. They want us to smile and laugh and not take life too serious. I'm the voice of spirit and my life's purpose is to honor your passed loved ones by sharing with you their beautiful messages straight from heaven.


Kelly's Services and Pricing:


Psychic/Intuitive Oracle Card Reading

60 Min Session


Angel card/physic guidance. This service includes angel cards, channeling your spirit guides, and psychic guidance. This service includes a mini angel card reading, and an aura cleanse with a white sage aromatherapy mist.

Mediumship/Oracle Card/Psychic Reading

30 Min


Mediumship Reading

*Can be done over the phone or in person - I prefer in person

60 Min Reading 



This service Includes a mini angel card reading, and an aura cleanse, with a white sage aromatherapy mist.

Mediumship Group Reading 

$75 per person


5 People min. This service includes 1 angel card and an aura cleanse with a white sage aromatherapy mist. (Note: If there are over 8-10 people, some may not receive a personal message although everyone will receive healing and an angel card) this is due to some spirits having a stronger energy then others.

Aura Refresher


30 Min Session


We believe in feeling our best. Allow Kelly to help cleanse and brighten your beautiful aura to help you stand strong in your own personal power. She will use Egyption cylinders which are a powerful rod that aligns your energy field and expands your aura. It cleanses EMF frequencies and integrates healthy negative ions in your body. This includes an aura aromatherapy cleanse and angel cards. 

Spiritual Guidance/Coaching Session

60 Min Session


This service includes an aura cleansing with a white sage aromatherapy mist.

Meeting your Spirit Guides

30 Min


Allow me to bring through your personal spirit guides and share beautiful loving messages that relate to your life. This will provide answers to your questions to help guide you on this beautiful journey. This service includes 1 angel card! 

To book with Kelly, contact BodyWise or text (847) 912-0053