Rachel Ricchio

Certified Yoga Instructor


    I began my yoga journey at the age of 15 when I was looking for stress relief; ever since, it has become a huge part of my daily routine that has overall changed my life in such a positive way. I am currently certified in Prenatal Yoga and Warriors' PTSD Training through YogaFit. I am on the way to becoming certified with my 200-hr RYT: I have completed levels one and two, also through YogaFit which have both given me a strong foundation for my yoga practice as well as teaching. I am looking forward to bringing health and wellness into each practice and helping others begin or further their yoga journey.

Rachel's Classes, Services, and Pricing:

Single Yoga Class (Zoom)


Single Yoga Class (In Studio)


5 Pack of Yoga Classes (Expires 6 months from purchase)


10 Pack of Yoga Classes (Expires 1 year from purchase)


Unlimited Monthly (Additional $5 per aerial class)




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Mindful Flow *NEW

Classes are always intended to be MINDFUL; let's take a minute to slow down, focus on each individual breath and the purpose of each pose. This class does just that, combining strengthening poses that will allow us to decompress from your busy day with a gentle relaxation to follow, guiding us to relaxation and a sense of refreshment.


Lunch Break Flow *NEW

No matter who you are in this crazy time, we all have stressful days. This gentle, refreshing flow allows us to take a moment in our day to focus on ourselves. This practice is a perfect way to get through a busy work- or school-day. This class is accessible to any age or skill level. Our midday stretch allows the body and mind to renew energy and decompress, guiding us through the rest of the day.


Sunday Reset *NEW

Our gentle flow guides us through strengthening and relaxing poses that will refresh the mind and body, allowing us to prepare for a busy week. This practice is a wonderful outlet for anyone looking to de-stress and go into our new week with a sense of calmness and a fresh start.

Balancing Flow *NEW

Our calming practice will guide us through a number of poses, bringing us into a state of balance. Centering the mind and body will allow us to take on stressful situations with a calm essence. We will focus on the importance of creating stability in not only the body, but also the mind, allowing us to be refreshed and renewed. This class is available to anyone of any age or skill level.

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