On-Site Chair Massage Events

On-site massage is a convenient, safe, and cost-effective addition to a workplace wellness plan.  It helps boost employee morale, and provides valuable health benefits too.  All sizes of businesses from small offices to large companies can benefit from on-site massage services.


On-site massage is a revolutionary way of offering the benefits of massage in public spaces like the workplace.  During on-site massage, the recipient is seated and fully clothed.  Massage techniques which can be given though clothing are used, and the sessions focuses on the upper body - head, neck, shoulders, back and arms.  A session usually last between 10-15 minutes - the length of a typical work break.


1 Licensed Massage Therapist..............$60 per hour 

2 Licensed Massage Therapists............$120 per hour

3 Licensed Massage Therapists............$180 per hour

On Site Yoga Class

On-site Yoga Classes are a great way to encourage staff bonding while providing valuable health benefits. On-site Yoga Classes are a convenient, fun, and unique addition to a workplace wellness plan. 


We offer various Yoga Classes such as Basic Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and Meditation, Guided Meditation, and Chair Yoga. Whether you have all beginners, seasoned pros, or a mix of all levels, we can provide accomodations within the class so that everyone is able to participate. 


$75.00 per hour


Please contact our office for more information on On-Site Yoga Classes.

Retreats & Private Events

Retreats can help advance your business by bringing together people in your company to a relaxing destination, so that you can build comradery, enhance leadership, and give your team some much needed stress relief.


Accommodating groups up to 15, we have the space and services available to provide company retreats, birthday parties, bachelorette parties and more!  With services including yoga, aerial yoga,  group meditation, chair massages, personal massages, facials, and more, we can customize everything to specifically fit the needs of your event.


Please contact our office for more information on retreats and private events.

Retreats & Work Place Wellness

          A growing number of of businesses are providing wellness programs in the workplace.  They believe that having healthy employees translates into increased competitiveness in the marketplace.  Naturally, workers with high level wellness are more productive on the job.

          Wellness goes beyond the old idea of health as the absence of illness.  It implies a proactive stance towards achieving optimum physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

          Prevention is an essential part of wellness, catching potential problems before they cause disease or disability.  Workplace wellness programs have been found to cut down on worker's compensation claims, and reduce time off for employee lines and injury.