Singing Bowls and Tuning Fork Sessions



What is a tuning fork?
A tuning fork is sound instrument that facilitates the​ body’s natural ability to restore itself.Used on the appropriate part of the body, or on meridian points, the tuning fork vibrations when struck increase the amount of energy in the area to be restored. For example, if I hold tension in the shoulders, the tuning fork would be placed on the top of the shoulder, palm, jawline, back of the head, and so on. Some of the tuning forks Laura uses are set to the universal sound frequency “OM.” She also uses the Luna Tuning Forks which resonate with the moon’s energy and when combined with the OM frequency, create the Planetary 5th frequency.

What is a singing bowl?
A singing bowl is also an ancient sound instrument that facilitates the ​body’s natural ability to restore itself. ​While the tuning forks are used directly on a certain point of the body, the singing bowls are placed on the region and the vibrations can be much more expansive. The external vibrations produced from tapping the singing bowls causes the cells to resonate-- the sound waves spread everywhere, just as if you were to throw a pebble into the water. Since the body is made of more than 70% water and water is a great conductor of sound and vibration, the singing bowls bring new life to stagnated parts, and re-awaken healing powers within the body. The bowls that Laura uses are Tibetan singing bowls.


Tuning Fork Treatment: $30 ​- 45 Minutes-90 Minutes

Singing Bowl Treatment: $55 ​45 Minutes -90 Minutes